Hi, It is Sisi, Siqin Wang, originally from China,

finished Bachelor in Urban Planning in China, Master in Urban Geography in the U.S. and Ph.D in Human Geography in Australia

I am a geographer, a backpack traveller, a photographer, a world volunteer and a vegan athlete.

I am continuously exploring the Mother Earth in rest of my life...


Every adventure has its humble beginnings.This is the place where my story started¡­

My father is an amateur photographer.

Travelling all over China with him occupies the most memory of my childhood.

Because of that, I was first introduced to the idea of being a geographer.

In the Geography and Planning School at Sun Yat-Sen University, five-year formal training in cartography, photography, environment, physical and human geography

made me grow up from a simple tourism-lover to a professional practitioner in geography.

I always hold the belief that it is good to read about things but it is better to go on walks.

Therefore I walked away from my family and started the first grand tour in my life --- a trans-China excursion along the ancient Silk Road.

This journey turned my world upside down.

Teaching geography to the children who grew up in the villages remote from cities teaches me the meaning of travelling and the importance of geographic knowledge.


My second grand tour happened in my gap year.

Going through five countries in Southeast Asia, knowing about ancient civilization and meeting other travelers

illustrated a strange, but seemingly inherent nomadic tendency that exists in many people.

Though the roaming way of life is comprehensible to civilized cultures,I am happiest when wandering new continents and telling people what I experienced.


If travelling was a book that deepens my understanding of the world, life and myself,

study in the U.S. to seek more recognition in geography opened me to a new chapter in this book.

It was the first time that I realized how fascinating the academic world of geography was.

After I got Master in Geography, I started to work for Arizona State Government, North California High School, and a tourism company in Hawaii,

using my geographic knowledge to contribute to the society and make the world better understood by geography layman

After travelling China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Srk Lanka, and Maldives from 2014 to 2015, I decided back to campus for my PhD study.

Right now, as a Ph.D and post-doc research fellow in the University of Queensland in Australia,

I am studying various technological applications and procedures such as Geographic Information Systems, advanced spatial analysis, and map production.

More importantly, PhD study teaches me how to solve problems from a geospatial perspective.


Apart from my professional life, I always engrave the social responsibility in my heart.

My devotion to an international NPO "Enactus or Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE, previously)" for many years is one of my world volunteering experiences in my life

With philosophy of economy and free market, our project helped social disadvantaged people to increase income and realize financial independence.

As a former South China program manager of Enactus, I spread the spirit of Enactus to more students and to help more people in need.

Beside, I was a trash picker, an organic farmer, a museum receptionist, a bakery in Greece Festival, a marathon event organiser,

many volunteering roles that you name them


Among these diverse shifting social roles, the one having most impacts on my life is a documentary film maker.

I took my third gap year to create a serios of documentary films 'Voting for Veganism' to promote vegan/vegetarian culture in different countries

including Taiwan, Tibet, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Maldivies, Greece, Italy, etc...

Being a vegan athlete, I systematically workout by weight training and am able to compete in the bodybuilding stage


Therefore, my mission --- Committing lifetime to educate Geography, to travel around the world,

to photograph beautiful nature, to protect environment, to give love to the Mother Earth in a harmless way.

A great journal will anwser questions that you've never thought to ask

I think, so I travel. Walk away with SISI to chase your dream.